Common Pot Limit Omaha Poker Mistakes

OmahaThere are plenty of common PLO mistakes made by beginner players. Pot limit Omaha High Poker games can be very profitable if you know how to play fundamentally sound poker and know what mistakes to avoid, or at least make fewer mistakes then your opponents.

Lets be frank here for a moment. The Pot limit Omaha micro stakes tables are packed full of really bad players. The game is only just starting to catch on in popularity meaning there are still lots of inexperienced players who can be preyed upon.

Overvaluing Hands Post-Flop

The number one rookie mistake that players in Omaha make is overplaying one pair hands like A-A-2-8 and so on when they don’t improve after the flop. The likelihood that you’re single pair is good by the time you get to the river is fairly slim. Generally, you need to make bigger hands since more people are drawing to big hands and involved in pots.

Chasing Non-Nut Draws

Another rookie mistake is chasing a draw to a hand when you could be drawing dead. Of course you see micro stakes Omaha players doing this all the time! A good general rule of thumb is to never draw to a flush that is not the nuts or the second nuts or on a paired board.

Calling Too Many Raises Pre-flop

This will be discussed more in the point below, but you will see so many novice players calling too many raises and re-raises with weak starting hands in Omaha poker simply because you will hit the flop so often. But it rarely pays off to play so many weak hands when there has been a pot-sized raise in front of you.

Starting Hand Selection

Players with a background in Texas Hold’em tend to overvalue starting hands with high cards in them and undervalue those hands that have connected lower cards. For example, a hand Q-Q-3-8 of all different suits is not very strong in Omaha poker. You will usually only continue past the flop in a multi-way pot if you hit a set of queens and even then if the board contains connected or suited cards it can give your opponents straight, flush, or combo draw possibilities. On the other hand, a hand like 3-4-5-6 with two suits has more potential since these kinds of hands can make straights and flushes.

Bluffing Too Much

Because each player is dealt 4 hole cards and not 2 like hold’em it makes it much more likely that your opponents have connected with the flop in some way and won’t fold. This makes bluffing much more difficult in Pot Limit Omaha Poker compared to other poker games. With that being said, semi-bluffing can be a lot more effective so much so that drawing hands can be the favourite against a made hand.

Playing the micro stakes PLO games online is a great way to learn the game and gain some experience and before you know it you will be good enough to be playing in bigger Omaha games.