The November Nine 2013 WSOP Favorites

wsop-2013WSOP’s Main Event is approaching, and excitement over the November Nine’s take on the most famous of Texas poker games is bubbling over! On the first Monday of November, the nine best poker players of 2013 will engage in an awe-inspiring battle which will have millions of poker fans around the world glued to their TV and computer screens. While you are waiting for the grand final table, why not enjoy a game of poker on the Internet yourself? The WSOP’s November Nine will play No Limit Holdem, and we have a detailed strategy guide for you. By playing Texas poker online, you will be much more prepared to follow the clash of the titans.

Who to look out for?

The November Nine of 2013 are generally a colorful bunch. They represent five different nations, with a slight US bias, and their ages range from 23 to 38. There are a mix of proven professionals, rollercoaster types, and even hobbyists. Each of the nine will make the highest WSOP cash-in of his career so far, regardless of his performance in the final. This, and the outstanding total prize money of $26 million to be shared among the nine promise we will see poker Texas has never witnessed before, even if the game was invented there. As you gear up with some Texas poker online games on Facebook , here is our list of WSOP finalists to keep an eye on.

JC Tran

The most decorated player in this year’s November Nine, Tran is easily the favorite to take another gold bracelet home. He brings the commanding sum of 38 million in chips to the final table which is enough to give him peace of mind. In addition, Tran already eliminated Carlos Mortensen, the person whom he saw as his biggest rival for the gold. With that hurdle out of the way, JC seems calm and confident. Will this play a trick on him, or will he reach an expected triumph?

Sylvain Loosli

French-born London resident Loosli is an online poker icon. He is the living proof that playing online poker real money games can easily seep into the professional world and bring fame as well as fortune. Although this is his first WSOP career cash, the 26-year-old has long proven his skill in no limit real poker games online. He is working hard on honing his live-game skills, and everyone is expecting a show from him.

Michiel Brummelhuis

The 32-year-old Dutchman is one of the most respected players in the November Nine. He also made his bones in no limit online holdem, once again proving the usefulness of real poker online for skill and strategy development. Apart from his composure and skill, Bummelhuis has six years of consistent ascent under his belt. Up is the only way for him!

Jay Farber

The only hobbyist at the final table, Farber turned many heads and raised many eyebrows with his performance as he tore through not one but two former Main Event finalists. He holds the least amount of overall career earnings out of any November Niner, and he admits he is amazed at how far he has come. These humble beginnings and skyrocketing success mean only one thing: Farber is becoming the dark horse in this race, and we will definitely be watching him closely!

Amir Lehavot

The oldest November Niner at 38, Lehavot had the ambition to become the first Israeli to nab a WSOP golden bracelet. He has worked his way up from a very short stack to almost 30 million in chips before the Main Event. With 13 WSOP cashes behind him, Amir is no rookie, and his progress through the tournament has been systematic and precise. Will slow and steady win the race?

Mark Newhouse

The 28-year-old American has been on a rollercoaster ride since 2006 when he won the World Poker Tour and then quickly slipped under the radar with mediocre performances until his 2011 WSOP finish in 182nd place. This year he has been on top of his game, and it seems like the next swing of the yo-yo will be an up. He brings along one of the shortest stacks, but he more than compensates for it with temperament and style.