Gus Hansen

Gus_HansenGustav Hansen is a professional poker player who was born in Denmark but now resides in Monaco, France.

Hansen currently finds his name been associated with the worlds second largest online poker room, Full Tilt Poker, alongside some of the other biggest names in the poker industry such as Phil Ivey, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Tom “Durrrr” Dwan.

Known as the “Great Dane” Hansen has managed to establish himself as one of the best poker players in the world, winning three World Poker Tour open titles, the 2007 Aussie Millions Main Event as well as taking the first place title in one season of the Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament.

When Hansen entered into the poker scene, he was more known for his time as a professional Backgammon player, winning a range of titles within the game to embed his name as one of the biggest names within the Backgammon industry.

Hansen is no stranger to excellence within sports and games, also been recognised as a champion tennis player as a youth.

With Hansen’s hard work, drive and determination, it seems that he has been able to become successful in almost everything that he touches, with his poker playing ability been the latest of his traits to blossom.

Creating such a high profile name for himself meant that the player had to be able to offer a number of statistics to ensure that he was able to retain the admiration of been referred to as one of the best poker players in the world and looking into his poker tournament cashes during his career, he has just the proof that he needs, boasting over $8,800,000 in tournament poker winnings.

The player don’t just love to play poker either, preferring to call himself a professional gambler rather than poker player due to his love for gambling on a number of levels, including taking side bets with other players for tournaments and ring games.

With the admission that he loves to gamble, its only too right that you assume that the player isn’t going to be golden each and every time, with the player making no secret of the amount of money that he has lost in action at the poker tables, especially while been involved in “The Big Game”, a high stakes cash game that takes place in “Bobby’s Room” at the Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas.

Not one to miss out on an opportunity, Hansen is regularly seen to be willing to place his backing behind a number of online businesses too, with the likes of which has now been taken over by Betfair Poker, GusHansenTV and
With the player having expert opinions across a number of games and sports, its no wonder that the player was even approached to offer commentary on the World Series of Backgammon back in 2008.