Top 5 No Limit Holdem Tips

Texas-HoldemPlaying no limit hold’em is the game of choice these days for the majority of poker players from all over the world. The below 5 tips are some recommendations to direct you when playing no-limit hold’em poker games, and are usually agreed to by the experts of the game.

Practice Good Bankroll Management

Don’t blast your bankroll away through poor management of your money on or off the felt. Very frequently, you will see beginner poker players making this mistake. Don’t get greedy trying to take on bigger games where you have little to no edge or try chasing your losses it will have a significant impact on your bankroll and decision making.

Always Observe The Other Players At Your Table

Pay close attention to whom is playing the most number of hands. Which players are willing to wager all of their chips at any point in the hand with less then a premium hand? Which poker players at the table have a tendency of bluffing? (Of course, you will need to see a failed bluff to know this.) Which players will gamble heavily on draws in order to improve their hands? You must observe all the players during the game even when you are not active in the hand if you’re serious about doing well in this game. The first thing you need to do before even taking your seat is to scope out the table and players to see if it is a good game to play in.

Playing Low Pocket Pairs

Low pairs typically count as pocket deuces through to sevens. Play them very cautiously in early and middle position. It’s not difficult to overplay them because you have a made hand before the flop, but unless you manage to improve your hand after the flop then it’s unlikely you can continue in the hand or expect to have the winner at showdown.

Mix Up Your Game

In No Limit Hold’em, confusing your opponents can be hugely rewarding as it can get the other players to make big mistakes, and their mistakes is how we make money. Make your opponents unsure about what your holdings are throughout the game. Don’t just raise pre-flop when you have a really good hand, and likewise don’t always check or fold if you’re not holding good cards. Play the players and keep your opponents guessing so they can never be very sure about the strength of your hand. As a result, you will get paid off more often!

Don’t Be Bluffing The Wrong Opponents

As with all variations of poker, no limit hold’em poker isn’t different in that it’s not going to be an effective strategy trying to always bluff weak opponents aka the calling stations, especially when they are losing money in the session, because they are stuck and want to try and win back their money as the opponent “can’t have me beat again.” Competent poker players know that you have to properly adjust to different types of players and they will only attempt bluffs against players when they expect it to work a good percentage of the time.